Devil’s Churn

by Russ Linton

With vigilante Kade Black on the hunt, the guilty will pay.

But can he prove his own innocence?

Born in a militia compound in the remote Montana wilderness, an act of mercy changed his life. He joined the ranks of the FBI agents sent to dismantle his home.

Now an elite surveillance operative for the Bureau, he’s on the run. Wanted for the type of crime handled outside the normal courts of law. Renditions. Interrogations. A cryptic trail left by a dead Russian double agent his only hope.

When the trail leads him to the rugged Oregon coast, Kade comes face to face with his past and a grisly ritual murder only he can solve.

Time is running out. His former colleagues closing in. This new case will awaken the dark legacy haunting him. Will he stay loyal to his oath? Or will he choose revenge?

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Category: Thrillers – Pulp