Devil’s Night: A Gripping Novel of Supernatural Suspense

by A.N. Willis

Every summer, revelers sneak into the abandoned town of Eden, Colorado, to celebrate an infamous crime: the Devil’s Night Massacre, committed over a century ago by an outlaw nicknamed Bloody Marian. Penny Wright knows the gruesome legends better than most. She’s seen the ghosts that haunt the ruins firsthand, and she shares a history with Eden that she hoped to escape.

Now it’s Penny’s job, funded by a corporate sponsor, to make this Devil’s Night the biggest ever. But before the festival even begins, Penny makes a grizzly discovery that forces her to question how much she really knows about Eden’s secrets. As Devil’s Night approaches, the lines between the past and present begin to blur. And for Penny, the real nightmare is only just beginning.

Perfect for fans of Home Before Dark and The Sun Down Motel.

$0.99 Previously $4.99

Category: Suspense