Dishonor Thy Wife: Obsession

by Belinda Austin

Something BAD happened to Dr. Brad O’Boyle at a medical convention. For six years, Ronni and Brad have been enemies in a hellish marriage brimming with resentment at their shotgun wedding. Then, he leaves for a week to Philly and returns home to Austin a changed man. Ronni is breathless at his sudden attraction and kindness. Even his mistress seems to have vanished from his life. Ronni wonders what happened in Philly to transform Brad into a doting husband and father. Ronni begins a dangerous game, performing for Brad as he watches through her bedroom-door keyhole. Brad almost has his wife fooled until he switches into a Jekyll-Hyde, oscillating between violent outbursts and loving behavior. Ronni suspects Brad is bipolar until what happened in Philly spirals out of control with jealousy, lies, and a double-double cross. How far will a man go to obtain the object of his forbidden desire?

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological