Don’t Go Baking My Heart

by Molly Dox

Penny London is a smart cookie, but she’s no detective. In fact, her bread and butter come from writing books, not solving mysteries. When Penny’s Aunt Bea turns up dead and her mother is one of the main suspects, she can’t help but get involved. Her mother may have strong opinions, but she’s no bad egg.

Can Penny find answers before the breadcrumbs get swept away? Will she clear her mother’s name or end up eating humble pie? The case may be a hard nut to crack, but she refuses to give up.

“Don’t Go Baking My Heart” is a fun, cozy mystery. Penny is a 40-something woman, driven with purpose and in search of clues. Join the fun as she fumbles her way through a Half-Baked Mystery.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy