Don’t Kill For Me

by Martha Henley

If a serial killer is murdering your enemies, do you stop him?

Eileen Somers is flattered by a series of anonymous letters delivered to her floral boutique. Then he confesses to murder.

The vigilante Rest in Peace Killer has chosen Eileen as his latest victim. RIP, makes it clear he will continue to eliminate her adversaries to give her peace of mind. His attention is undesired.

Identifying a serial killer who walks among the ordinary shoppers in the mall seems impossible, but Eileen is desperate to stop his mission. Innocent or not, when he’s finished killing for her, Eileen will be his last victim.

Buy the debut domestic thriller from Martha Henley, Don’t Kill For Me today. This plot-twisting novel will have you looking twice at every stranger who crosses your path.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological