Don’t Leave Me Alone

by Kyla Sharp

Leah’s husband has secrets. But so does she.

Leah and her husband Ben move to a gorgeous timber cottage in the hills, convinced a change of scenery can fix their marriage. She’ll finally get pregnant. He’ll remain faithful.

But Ben is called back to the city for work.

Leah is devastated, and all alone in a big, old cabin in the middle of nowhere. Then she starts hearing things at night.

Her fears are founded when she finds a threatening note, convinced it’s targeted at her. But she needs to prove to Ben that she’s grounded enough to be a mother, so she keeps her fears a secret.

Leah must figure out who’s taunting her. Alone.

Leah discovers her husband had more secrets than she thought. But also that she can’t keep her own secrets hidden forever, either.

$0.99 Previously $3.99

Category: Thrillers – Psychological