Doves and Crows

by M.J.C. Heathcote

When Susan Carter and her ten-year-old son, Richard, decide to go it alone, they believe their problems might be over. Then Sue’s parents return from a holiday in the country with a girl’s necklace they found in the weeds. The necklace, which belonged to a young psychokinetic named Alice Williams, draws the Carters to the very house in which Alice and her family lived, and into the sights of retired police chief James ‘Big Jim’ Kirshner. Sue and Richie don’t like him. Nor do they care for the man’s teenage grandson or his friends, who steal Richie’s bike and leave him for dead. Later, Richie discovers the burned-down house in which Alice Williams perished, and, closer to home, an old painting of the house up in the attic. When the painting begins to change, Richie and Sue wonder if the fire really was an accident, and whether they have made the worst, and last, mistake of their lives.

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Category: Suspense