Drag the Man Down

by Gregory E Payette

When the drinks are flowing and the money’s good, crime is one temptation George finds hard to resist…

After three years behind bars in a Rhode Island state prison, all George wants is to live a somewhat normal life. Maybe he’ll meet a nice girl…open the restaurant he always talked about in the yard.

But after a couple of beers and a half bottle of bourbon, George heads out in the middle of the night and breaks into a local boxer’s home. He walks out six minutes later with a championship belt and a box full of cash he found bolted to the bottom of the bed.

When he meets Sam, a pretty waitress working her way through school at the diner, George promises himself he’s done with crime…and the only life he’s known will be a thing of the past.

If it were only so easy…

The floodgates open when George runs into some old friends. Violence and double-crossing follows when a simple plan goes a little too far. And every move they make drags them deeper into a hole they can’t seem to escape. With the cops on their tail, it’ll take everything George has to find a way out of a bad situation that only gets worse…

But what if one more crime’s the answer?

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Category: Crime Fiction