Dying Embers

by B.E. Sanderson

Dwelling on the past can be murder.

Emma Sweet is more like a trophy wife than a killer, but as her cheating husband burns alive, she knows what she has to do. Every man she ever loved hurt her. It’s time to hurt them back. As she travels the country, leaving a fiery trail behind her, she’s only one step ahead of justice. She doesn’t care if she gets caught, as long as the last name on her list—the first man to break her heart—gets to burn.

A fatal house fire casts shadows over her youth, and no one blames Jace Douglas for her fears. But agents with the Serial Crimes Investigation Unit aren’t free to cherry pick assignments. When a series of murders all have the same M.O., she can’t let the flames of her past interfere with the job. Alongside one pushy and too damned attractive detective, she’ll lead a cross-country manhunt. And track down a killer before another man dies.

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Category: Suspense