Eagle Bay

by Ken Cruickshank

Generations of Westbrookes are venerated for transforming the sleepy coastal hamlet of Eagle Bay into a thriving city. So when Thomas Westbrooke’s wife, Skye, alleges to friends and authorities that her admired husband is psychotic and threatening, it seems impossible. That is not the humanitarian and respected civic leader they think they know. The renowned prodigy could never be guilty of twisted vengeance–especially murder.

The public is unaware that the Westbrookes’ reign is funded by a cache of extraordinary relics related to one of history’s fabled missing antiquities. The mysterious wealth morphs into Thomas’s mesmerizing obsession. A brazen act related to the ancient relics alters lives, heightens suspicions, and pushes two esteemed families into inevitable conflict.

Skye discovers that nothing in Eagle Bay is as it appears. People she confides in are concealing remarkable truths. Pandora’s box is forced open, and many find themselves in harm’s way, including Skye and the children. But she is more than a worthy adversary and will fight like hell to protect her family from a man she no longer recognizes. Meanwhile, she is committed to solving the puzzle of what really happened to her first husband.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological