Eat, Pray, Die

by Chelsea Field

From a #1 bestselling author:
A fresh and funny romantic mystery series about a witty, down-to-earth heroine with a job you’ve never seen before…

She used to make coffee.
Now she’s making sure her high-profile clients don’t keel over and die at the dinner table.

A natural career progression, right?

Lucky Izzy is smart, adaptable, and never fantasizes about running home to curl up with her housemate’s cat.

Or so she’s trying to convince the client who could make or break her new career as an undercover poison taster. He’s competent, condescending, and annoyingly attractive, and Izzy doesn’t know whether to sleep with him or poison him herself.

Throw in a loan shark, a secret society, and a soon-to-be-dead girl, and Izzy will have her work cut out for her.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy