Echoes of Midnight

by Dan Raburn

A midnight bombing in 1966 Mississippi rocks a rural community, and its echoes reverberate down the decades. Fifty years later, a midnight knock on his door in Oxford drags former cold case detective Arlan Trahan back to that dark night.
His visitor is a mysterious Ole Miss law student who calls herself Lennie, and she wants him to reopen the case of a black man she believes was wrongly accused of murdering a white family in the bombing. He initially refuses—and within days the girl is missing. More strangely, the midnight knockings on his door continue, but no one is there. The eerie urgings compel him to visit Lennie’s home town, which draws him deeper into a dark web of conspiracy as the leading citizens set out to stop him from reopening the case—and finding Lennie.
Detective Trahan, along with a Mississippi deputy sheriff in 1966, reveal a story that connects the present to the past with human passions that just won’t die—and as two tales of racial injustice and extortion, told fifty years apart, roll at last toward their collision, we are reminded that the heart of the past still beats in the Deep South.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime