by Scott C. Smith

He’s a loner, 35 in ’85, which any Boomer knows was about ten minutes ago yesterday. One thing he has, besides a penchant for bad habits and intoxicating women, is time, and he’s inclined to invest it in others. Especially if there’s a return on investment.
And so begins Peter MacAlister’s adventure with Edie, who seeks his help recovering a lost inheritance.
Peter’s a reporter by day, covers the grimy streets of his small city on New England’s South Coast, and partners with his pal, aging attorney Mory Wilbur, as they help others who have nowhere else to turn.
So, hop into Peter’s old Volvo 240 with him and Edie as they steer off into an adventure they never expected toward a fate neither could have imagined. Trigger-happy, drug-peddling gang members, nouveau mobsters, and holed up society dropouts are among the characters they encounter and contend with on their mission to claim what’s rightfully hers. And his piece of the pie.

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Category: Mystery – Hard-Boiled