Engage at Dawn: Seize and Destroy

by Edward Hochsmann

A devastating raid on a drug cartel by the Colombian Army sets events in motion that could end in catastrophe.

The criminal 252 Syndicate’s search for an alternate supplier to broker cocaine to two mysterious customers ends in a botched deal with a vicious Honduran cartel. Their boat is seized, the two buyers, actually alien infiltrators, are taken hostage, and the technology they possess presents a lethal threat to humanity.

Conventional solutions are not an option. The 252s will mount an attack to seize the technology for themselves in five days, and the alien presence on Earth must be hidden to avoid a worldwide panic.

The newly upgraded Coast Guard cutter Kauai is the only U.S. asset in position with a chance of covertly extracting the boat, its alien passengers, and their embedded technology in time. But the odds against success are very long.

And the consequences of failure are disastrous for the world and horrifying for Kauai’s crew.

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Category: Thrillers – Military