Ether Revenge (Before Dawn Series Book 1)

by Faith Isabel Bloom

And from the evil of the envier when he envies

Mary Parker is a victim of her society and the rules that govern this male-dominated world. She can no more change her destiny than she can soften the heart of the Uncle forced to care for her by an antiquated set of societal expectations. That doesn’t mean that charity dictates that he must care for her emotional well-being, a mistake that he will come to regret.

Forced into solitude, and the life that was not her choice to ensure that her fortunes remain with people who feel they are due, Mary will suffer in silence only so long. When a modicum of freedom is afforded her, she will find the life and love that she could never dream possible. Envy, though, will drive those around her to snatch it away in the most brutal of ways. There is nowhere for Mary to run when envy arrives at her doorstep once again, exacting revenge so brutal that it should have been the end to her sad tale. Instead, from the depths of despair, some new evil will rise. Will Mary Parker get her revenge? Will her Uncle be taught a lesson, or will his actions go unpunished? Read along with this first riveting chapter in a series that will teach you once and for all the ramifications of envy left unchecked!

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Category: Suspense