Every Form of Malice: A Short Story

by S.H. Livernois

Everyone knows the dead can’t keep secrets.
Written with a group of readers called The Collaborative Story Project.

No one knows what killed Henry Whitelock. People say he just dropped dead from a heart attack, but not everyone believes that story.

No one knows what happened to Gideon Aloways, either. Rumor has it he died years ago. So it’s a shock when he shows up at Henry’s funeral to tell an old story that no one wants told. A story that will unearth a fifteen-year-old secret known by only two people in the world.

Henry’s widow, Amity, and her sister, Theo.

People talk. If they hear Gideon’s tale, Amity and Theo could lose everything. Their reputations, their wealth, the life they’ve shared for fifteen years.

Because nothing is more fragile than the truth.

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Category: Mystery – Historical