Every Step You Take

by Avery Lane

After thirty-one years, Riley Fisher-Wolf is finally out on her own. For the first time in her life, she’s without her overbearing mother, extroverted roommates, and most recently, her controlling husband Evan. After a lifetime of damaging relationships, she’s finally found the courage to begin her own life.

But then came the hand-scrawled note under her door.

We’re never really alone.

Suddenly, Riley finds her peaceful independence turning upside down. Items go missing in her home. Mysterious figures follow her in the shadows. And just like that, Riley realizes she’s being watched.

But by whom?

Evan is the obvious culprit but Riley can’t rule out her paranoid, overprotective mother. There’s also the handsome new stranger who works in her building who knows more about Riley than she’s ever told, and her soon-to-be newlywed clients whose image of perfection is crumbling into something dark and toxic right before Riley’s eyes.

There are far too many suspects in Riley’s new life of independence, and at this point, she has no idea who she can trust.

All she knows is that somewhere out there, someone doesn’t want her to be alone…

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological