Murder Down The Line

by Bruce Hammack

Three families. Two murders. One blind PI. Has he finally met his match?

Blind PI Steve Smiley’s former homicide partner is in trouble. If Leo can’t solve an eighty-year-old cold case murder, he’ll be put out to pasture before his time.

When Smiley offers to help out his old partner, what he finds is a generations-long feud between three families. With no love lost between any of them, Smiley’s field of suspects grows and Leo’s future looks bleak.

Before Smiley can help his friend solve the cold case, the feuding families are rocked by another murder. Is history repeating itself? Are the two killings connected? With a real live killer on the loose, can Smiley connect the dots and solve the cases, or will another murder be relegated to the cold case files?

Smiley and McBlythe deliver a page-turning mystery with no foul language, sex scenes or graphic violence. Get your copy today to find out whodunit!

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Category: Mystery – Private Investigators