Exposed: Book 3 – Darkest of Portland Series

by Dena Crawford-Nibler

Everyone has their secrets, and everyone has their weaknesses.

Calliope King was relaxing after work when she got a very private video of her friend Trevor from an anonymous phone number. It quickly becomes apparent that she wasn’t the only one who received the disturbing message. Someone has made a website, and is exposing the private lives and secrets of people for reasons known only to the perpetrator.

Callie and her friend, private detective Xavier Ramos, are determined to find out who is behind the humiliation of their friend and stop them before they can ruin more lives. As they investigate, more people are exposed by the mastermind behind the website. There seems to be no connection between the victims, and the investigation runs into dead end after dead end.

What connects these strangers? Why are their sordid private lives being revealed, one by one? Callie and Xavier have to find out quickly. Because when someone turns up dead, it seems as though the perpetrator wants to destroy more than just the reputations of the targets.

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Category: Mystery – African American