Faces in the Water

by Tonya Macalino

Opening for the first time, the whole world is watching as the Venetian quarantine camp courts the rich, the curious, and the influential. Alyse and her film crew don’t want to be there. But her boss owns the tech in her head and her boss wants the fiercely competitive contract: to become the first to document the surviving carriers of a disease which has left hundreds of children in comas. In an act of violence, the glittering gala night collapses into Alyse’s worst nightmare. Trapped in the flooded ruins, hunted for the implants in her head, and cut off from everyone she knows and loves, Alyse must escape or die trying. Because if she fails, everyone she has ever known will become a target in a world terrified of the contagion. “…a mile a minute thrill ride filled with suspense, adventure, and mind-bending plot twists. Fear not for Alyse. She will find her way through the Looking Glass. Even if she has to break it!” – WTF Are You Reading

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological