Faces & Lies

by Margaret Podmore Emery

For over a year, a woman’s home is entered by strangers, but nothing of value is stolen, except her sense of security. She receives crank calls where no one speaks then hangs up. She is followed around the mall during a shopping trip. And the police tell her they can do nothing.

Amidst these distractions, Devin Marques must compete in a horse show the only time her groom, Wendy Hilliard – who hasn’t taken a single day off since she was hired – goes missing, under strange circumstances. She receives “cut-and-paste” notes from her unknown assailant, accusing her of “not seeing” some person she realizes must be part of her social circle. Someone close to her, who has the ability to harm anything and anyone special to her. But who? And why?

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Category: Suspense