Fallen Sun

by Harule Stokes

Jocelyn Martinez was not a warrior, she was a teacher. But, when her country began losing the war with its southern neighbor, Keynosa, she answered the call to arms. She agreed to be transformed into a living war machine. She agreed to become a Finger of God.

Three years later, nearly half of her country, the Northern Alliance, lies in utter ruins. Yet, over countless battles, she and her brothers- and sisters-in-arms have turned the tide. Now poised to finally defeat Keynosa’s powerful Guardsmen army, they are confronted with a threat that may cost them the war. The process that transformed them into the world’s most powerful weapons, is also driving them insane.

Despite 42 years of life, losing both parents, and experiencing a painful divorce, nothing could prepare her for the tragedy of seeing her friends slowly fall apart. Yet, they cannot relent. The Guardsmen are starting to adapt. They’re preparing a weapon that can stop even a Finger of God.

Hanging by a thread, the Northern Alliance must make its final push towards victory. But, can they succeed before it all falls apart? Can Jocelyn ever hope to live a normal life again? The end may be near, but no one knows for certain whose end it will be.

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Category: Thrillers – Technothrillers