by Cameron K. Moore

After saving his daughter’s life by making a breakthrough medical discovery, Dr. Karl Shepherd works for Trident, a covert organization that counters threats to America from emergent technologies. He encounters Molly Jones, a unique woman who is incapable of feeling fear. Little does she know that her rare ability is desired by the MSS, China’s Ministry of State Security. The MSS has built capabilities to transform someone into a bioweapon that can annihilate towns and assassinate political leaders. In a race against time, Shepherd and Molly must risk everything to thwart China’s plans. But can Shepherd trust Molly? Her lack of fear can be manipulated by the very evil that wants to destroy them. If they fail, the entire world will be overcome by terror. Shepherd must face the ultimate choice…trust his instincts to avoid getting killed or risk his life to follow a woman who knows no fear.

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Category: Thrillers – Assassinations