Feta and Foul Play

by Joy Patrick

Returning to her sleepy hometown in Pennsylvania is the last thing former athlete Julia “JJ” Kamaras thought she’d ever do. So was solving a murder.

Alone in Florida and working a dead-end job at a local gym, JJ’s career and love life weren’t exactly on fire. But when disaster struck, her Greek-American father convinced her to come home to the safety of Jim Thorpe, PA, and their family restaurant, the Kamaras Grill.

Though initially happy to be back cooking with her father, family tension festers, and JJ’s ex, police officer Ryan, shows up clearly still bitter about their breakup.

Making matters worse, he’s accusing her brother Jason of murder! One that JJ knows he didn’t commit. Or did he?

In a frantic race against the clock, amateur sleuth JJ joins forces with savvy childhood pals to clear Jason’s name. Uncovering scandals and shady characters in the process, JJ finds her own life at stake as she descends into a murky casino underworld to save her brother.

Recipes inspired by the Kamaras Grill included!

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Category: Mystery – Cozy