Fever State

by Clive McAlpin

A blood-chilling stand-alone tale of supernatural suspense
During an overwhelming Australian summer, something far worse than family conflict stalks the crumbling Davis farm at night…
Broken by guilt over the death of his sister, Emory hopes a move to his family’s neglected farm will help him finally start to heal — and repair his relationship with his girlfriend, Rachel. When he discovers that his brother is also living on the farm and Rachel has planned a reconciliation, he is hard-put to overcome his grudges and repair family bonds.
But as summer sets in it becomes clear that there is more haunting the wild country and tumbledown farmhouses than family conflict. As his brother’s behaviour unravels in frightening ways and the heat begins to warp their summer idyll, it becomes impossible to differentiate between paranoia and real danger, between stale family demons and the supernatural.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological