Final Belongings

by Sarah Beauchemin

Juliet and Henry never met. Yet their lives resonate across generations when Juliet finds an eerie photo and urgent note in her uncle Henry’s final belongings.

“A bewitchingly dark tale, as emotionally engrossing as it is boldly unconventional.” —Kirkus Reviews

Juliet Barton is reeling from a devastating divorce and her career in shambles. Then she’s rocked by her mother’s sudden death.

As she sorts her late mother’s effects, Juliet stumbles upon the final belongings of her uncle Henry, who died tragically in Italy 50 years ago.

She finds a hidden photo of a mausoleum; on the back, an inexplicable note: “If I don’t make it back—third tomb, lower left.” Juliet becomes convinced it’s a plea from Henry to investigate the circumstances surrounding his death.

But as she follows the trail to Italy, Juliet uncovers a dangerous truth. Will unraveling Henry’s past destroy Juliet’s future?

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Category: Mystery – Historical