Final Belongings

by Sarah Beauchemin

Juliet Barton is reeling from a devastating divorce and her career in shambles. Then she’s rocked by her mother’s sudden death. Buried in grief as she sorts her late mother’s effects, Juliet stumbles upon the final belongings of her uncle Henry, who died tragically in Italy in 1971.

Hidden among Henry’s effects is an old Polaroid of a mausoleum with an urgent note scrawled on the back. What Henry left behind when he died decades earlier convinces Juliet that his death may not have been an accident, leading her abroad to unravel the mystery of Henry’s last days in Europe.

But as she tracks down clues to her twenty-something uncle’s cutting-edge filmmaking in Hollywood, renowned coverage of The Vietnam War, and link to a 1960s rock icon, Juliet uncovers a haunting truth that pushes her into the line of danger.

Will unraveling Henry’s hidden past put Juliet’s own future at risk?

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Category: Suspense