Find You in the Dark

by Mark Gillespie

Laura Hansen is a woman haunted by the past.

Five years ago, a fateful encounter with a stranger turned Laura’s dream life into a nightmare. Humiliated and shunned, she cut ties with family and friends, disappearing north to the Scottish Highlands.

Now, Laura lives a reclusive life on the road. A loner, avoiding the eyes of strangers. She never stays in one place too long, fearful that someone will recognise her.

What is she running from?

Then one day, she sees him. The stranger who destroyed her life. His name is Dirk De Vries, and he’s on holiday with his family.

This is Laura’s chance. But what starts out as a simple revenge plan soon descends into a night of chaos.

A night that will change all of their lives forever.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological