Find Yuri

by Ty Hutchinson

They said Yuri wouldn’t be a problem. The dead bodies aren’t buying it.

When a series of home burglaries turn into grisly death scenes, SFPD reaches out to the FBI for help. Agent Abby Kane steps in and soon discovers that the thief, now turned murderer, has ties to the local Russian mafia. With the heat on the organization intensifying, the Russians decide to rein in the thief. One problem: they’ve lost control of him. This sparks a manhunt fueled by the FBI, the SFPD, and the Russians. In an action-packed game of cat and mouse, you’ll never guess who finds Yuri first.

Fans of Sei and Mui will be thrilled to see them appear in Abby’s world. Start the chase.

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals