Five Gifts for the Mind

by Eran Katz

Professor Zommer receives an anonymous letter signed by an ‘Asian student’, challenging him to five seemingly impossible assignments, related to powerful brain skill. Her letter leads him to an unprecedented journey into Asian and Jewish wisdom and its potent contemporary implications. The shocking discovery will shake professor Zommers personal life, revealing one of East Asia’s most mysterious historical facts.
Brain research and traditional knowledge applied for success and achievement. Learn to erase unwanted memories, make anyone buy your idea, aesthetically hypnotize your costumers, control your desires and make right decisions in seconds – all using Jewish and Asian techniques.
Ranked #1 on the Israeli and S. Korean bestsellers list, Five Gifts for the Mind offers practical brain skills weaved together with an intriguing suspense story. A suspenseful, fun and inspiring read!

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Category: Mystery – International Mystery & Crime