Flea Flicker

by David Chill

The latest book from a USA TODAY bestselling author! It should have been just another missing persons case. But a clever killer has other ideas…

When a young football coach doesn’t come home one night, his beautiful young wife turns to Private Investigator Burnside to locate him. But things are not the way they seem in this riveting page-turner, and a simple missing persons case evolves into a shocking murder. There are no shortage of suspects in this intricately woven story, and Burnside must overcome the many obstacles in his path to get to the truth that no one seems eager to learn.

The newest Burnside novel is a treat to read! And it wouldn’t be a Burnside novel without the wise-cracking detective engaging in the sharp and cutting banter that has come to define this award-winning series.

$0.99 Previously $4.99

Category: Mystery – Private Investigators