Danger Close (Team Reaper Book 12)

by Brent Towns


Reaper arrives in hell zone Afghanistan set on bringing justice to a Taliban opium warlord. Teamed with the CIA, Reaper wages a dirty war against international narco-terror and the casualties quickly pile up. In a single instant, everything unravels and the Team is decimated, forcing John Kane to continue the mission with a quick-on-the-trigger female intel officer wielding an extremely bad attitude and too many secrets.

Working with the Agency is never clean. Pursuing the target into Iran, Kane enters an espionage wilderness of mirrors; dealing with double-agents, unscrupulous mercenaries, and dubious government authorization. Following the bloody trail of an American traitor, Kane leads an assault on a horrifyingly well-defended Albanian island fortress.

The final firefight takes Reaper deep into the terror of combat and threatens to drown the Team in blood.

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Category: Thrillers – Military