For Better Or Hearse

by Laura Durham

In a world where ice sculptures turn deadly, it’s up to one wedding planner to keep D.C.’s best chefs alive…
If there is one thing Annabelle Archer can’t stand, it’s a diva chef. But her career as a wedding planner to the elite socialites of D.C. has her dealing with plenty of them. When one such prima donna rubs her the wrong way, she’s not completely surprised to find him impaled on his own ice sculpture…

After the hotel’s catering director begs the planner to clear her name, Annabelle seeks out the culinary criminal. With the clues stacking up against the catering director, the egg timer begins ticking down for her to find the true killer. Can Annabelle solve the mystery before she becomes the main course for a murderer?

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Category: Mystery – Cozy