Forger: A Psychological Thriller

by Mark Spivak

Lester Gordon was laughed out of art school for wanting to paint like the Impressionist masters, but that’s the least of his problems:

He’s only Lester Gordon part of the time.

Sometimes he’s Louis Bétancourt, a painter of unfathomable talent who can create canvases good enough to fool all the experts on earth.

At other times, he’s a Jesuit priest named Father Gordon Humphries, who travels around the country giving Bétancourt’s paintings to regional museums.

And sometimes he reverts to Baby Les, a seven-year-old victim of abuse and neglect.

Dr. Cheryl Weissberg, a rookie psychologist, diagnoses him with multiple personality disorder and strives to unify Lester’s psyche.

She succeeds, but there’s a catch: When his personality is fragmented, Lester is docile and harmless; after he’s “cured,” he becomes capable of murder.

This gripping psychological thriller will make you want to lock the door, examine yourself in the mirror, and go searching for your childhood teddy bear.

Let’s hope you find it.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological