Fostered Identity

by Maggie Thom

Her teenage sister has run away. Shyla thought she was doing the right thing by giving her sister a little freedom. She never expected she’d bolt. Shyla finds her sister, and finds herself pulled into doing a heist, that of stealing her mom’s million-dollar jewelry.

When Damien’s brother ends up in the hospital, he is determined to stop the one man who is still destroying their lives—their father.

Shyla and Damien will have to work together to protect Shyla’s family and to stop Damien’s father once and for all. An impossible crime that will bring them surprises they didn’t see coming. Can they catch a thief by being a thief?

Emerald grew up in a foster family. She was the first of eight girls to move in. The jewels that she played with as a teenager, that she was told were baubles, are now resurfacing thirty-five years later. They are worth millions. And it appears worth stealing.

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Category: Suspense