Fractured Lines

by Maggie Thom

Family isn’t always what it seems.

Andi’s family has always been her, her mom, and a few of her mom’s friends. But now her mom, her best friend, is hiding secrets. Big secrets. And avoiding her. The woman next door, who is like a second mother, is carrying a gun and sneaking around. The man, Andi called Uncle Scott, has willed her a house in the country. But someone is already using it … to traffic drugs. Was Scott involved? Why did no one tell her he’d died?

Marc, her new neighbor, knows more than he’s telling her. But then he’s a lawyer and Scott’s friend. And living in a mansion well above his means. What is he hiding?
Unsure where to turn, Andi finds herself caught in a catastrophic lie. She turns to Marc to help her find the truth, hide the drugs, discover who they belong to, avoid being killed, and protect her family at all costs.

But what if it is family that is behind it all?

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Category: Suspense