Francis Laurent

by Schuyler Randall

A very gripping and intense story…. Cozy Mystery Book Reviews

Excellent storytelling and strong characterization rocket this book to the top…. Stephen D. Reeves

Birmingham, Alabama, 1922. Prohibition has its grip on the bustling city. Corruption is rife and remaining an honest man of the law takes tenacity in the face of rampant greed. Strait-laced Bureau of Investigation officer Francis Laurent does his job and does it morally. When crooked officers gun down his partner and closest friend August Day in cold blood, Laurent vows to exact revenge on those responsible. As Laurent delves into Day’s murder, he discovers the corruption runs deeper than he ever suspected. It is time to act, but the system is rotten, and Laurent must get to the source, purging as he goes.
Laurent’s gripping tale of revenge and redemption is revealed through the eyes of his estranged daughter, Raina, who is no stranger to the desire for justice. Plenty of demon’s haunt Raina, and she is no stranger to playing judge, jury and…executioner.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime