Francis Laurent

by Schuyler Randall

Birmingham, Alabama, is a bustling city on the move in the era of Prohibition. It’s a time of corruption, a time where it is tough to be an honest man of the law. Bureau of Investigation officer Francis Laurent finds that out the hard way when his partner and best friend August Day is gunned down in cold blood by a corrupt BOI agent and his gang of thugs during a high-stakes heist on the highway. When Laurent’s commanding officer pulls him off the case without a good reason, this man of the law begins to suspect a cover-up and decides to take action to exact justice on those responsible.
Finding allies in unexpected places, his winding tale of revenge and redemption is told through the eyes of his estranged daughter Raina, as she nears the end of her time in a state medical institution. If anyone can understand Francis’s desire to mete out justice and make the punishment fit the crime, it’s Raina. She has more than a few of her own demons buried just beneath the surface when it comes to playing judge, jury … and executioner.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime