Fresh Doubt

by Eva Hudson

How can you be sure when someone is lying?

Ingrid Skyberg is a brilliant FBI agent working out of the US Embassy in London. She took a job in England to put some distance between her and the past, but this new case is forcing painful memories to the surface.

An American student at an elite London college is in police custody, suspected of murdering her roommate. Convinced something sinister is happening on campus, Ingrid enters a world of deadly mind games to hunt for the real killer, in defiance of both her new boss and the Metropolitan Police. Isolated and out on a limb, Ingrid is driven by events from her past to keep digging, but the deeper she gets, the more elaborate the lies become. When she uncovers a sinister experiment within the college’s psychology department, Ingrid is in far more danger than she realizes.

To get to the truth before it’s too late, Ingrid must work out who – if anyone – she can really trust.

Fresh Doubt is a twisty-turny thriller from an award winning author. The Ingrid Skyberg novels are perfect for fans of breath-holding action, unpredictable twists, and strong female leads.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime

Kill Plan

by Eva Hudson

A banker is found dead at his desk in the City of London. Then a heavily tattooed body washes up in the Thames. When Special Agent Ingrid Skyberg starts investigating, she discovers these seemingly unrelated murders are the work of an audacious serial killer working on both sides of the Atlantic.

Ingrid is resilient, resourceful and a one of the toughest agents ever to come out of Quantico, but she’s never been tested like this before. With no help from her colleagues at the embassy, Ingrid is running out of time to unmask the killer before he strikes again… and she is next on his list!

Unlock the thrills and twists of this up-all-night thriller series, perfect for for fans of LT Vargus, Blake Pierce and Willow Rose.

$0.99 Previously $2.99