From Hell and Back: Return to Whitechapel

by Garrett Gorham

It is April 1888, and a string of violent and abhorrent murders begin. The assailant is unknown, and one of the largest cities in the world is on high alert. But, despite the efforts of dozens of detectives, the killer is never caught. And then, as soon as they started, the killings stopped.
Fast forward to April 1898. A city once drowning in fear has, for the most part, put Jack the Ripper’s bloody rampage to rest. Life is again normal. Until a tavern patron finds what looks like a bloody pile of clothes. Upon closer inspection, there is a savagely mutilated body underneath the clothing. Entrails are strewn about as if in a macabre abstract art piece. The patron screams for police in between vomiting. When detectives assemble, they all have one thing on their mind: Was Jack the Ripper back to finish his sadistic rampage, or was there a killer picking up where his bloodlust left off? Detectives, both old and new, form a task force to stop the madman once and for all before he kills again. And again.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime