Frozen In Death

by M. S. Peke

Never trust an accountant with a gun.

Crooked accountants, a detective stuck in the eighties, and dubious shell corporations. These are the least of Winnie Hackleshack’s problems as she races to keep herself out of jail.

When Winnie arrived at Glacier National Park, she had visions of moose along the shores of pristine waters and bighorn sheep dotting the mountains. Things looked bad after she went to dinner with the camper next door, only to find him dead the next morning. She tracked down the suspect, but when he was also murdered, things got worse.

As the detective in charge bumbles his way along, the police have only one suspect. Winnie.

Winnie’s in the hot seat, and she’s more determined than ever to track down those responsible. Charred reports and an old picture might provide a clue, but Winnie needs all her friends’ help to solve the mystery before she becomes victim number three.

$2.99 Previously $4.99

Category: Mystery – Cozy