Fury Unleashed

by Wes Lowe

Bruce Lee’s ENTER THE DRAGON meets Robert Ludlum’s THE BOURNE IDENTITY in this white-knuckle action thriller

Noah Reid thought he was set for life. New attorney at a prestigious Hong Kong law firm; and with a little luck, his new boss’s daughter would become the next Mrs. Reid.

Then reality bites hard. The plan is tossed when the firm’s biggest client, a ruthless Triad leader, discovers that Noah’s boss has embezzled billions from him. The criminal overlord wants his money back and unleashes hell to force the senior lawyer to return his fortune. When that doesn’t work, he snatches the lawyer’s daughter.

To save her, Noah must plunge into the dark, violent Asian criminal underbelly. But does this missionary’s son have the stones to go up against Asia’s most ruthless mob leader?.

The only way to find out is to thrust himself into the mouth of the tiger… .

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Category: Thrillers – Crime