Future Skinny

by Peter Rosch

Casey is a devout anorexic who discovers he can see the future by binge-eating. The plan? Read futures for cash and make enough money to start a better life with his girlfriend, Lylian, and her five-year old daughter. Oh, and stay thin at all costs while doing it.

While testing the limits of this new power, Casey ignores a vision of Lylian committing a murder. When that crime happens, the two have no choice but to turn to Lylian’s estranged husband, a dangerous Texas gunrunner named David, for his help in cleaning up the mess she’s made.

In exchange for his help, Casey agrees to become David’s personal psychic. But is that David’s only motivation for bringing Casey and Lylian back into the fold of his criminal enterprise?

Future Skinny is a neo-noir psychological thriller about power, love, family, and the dark deeds we thought we’d never carry out in order to have and keep it at all costs.

$0.99 Previously $3.99

Category: Thrillers – Psychological