Gage Hartline Thriller Series – Volumes 1-3

by Chuck Driskell

Books one through three of the popular Gage Hartline thriller series by Chuck Driskell in an e-book “boxset” at a heavily discounted price. THE DIARIES, TO THE LIONS and SOLDIER OF MISFORTUNE have received more than 300 FIVE-STAR reviews from readers since their release. THE DIARIES was the 2016 IRDA winner in the thriller category and the entire series has been optioned for film by Solipsist Films. This is a quality set of e-books that will offer you hours of pleasure and entertainment–more than 1,900 pages (KENP) in total–combining suspense, thrills, espionage and crime all in international locales.

The Diaries – Book 1
Gage Hartline discovers a series of vintage diaries penned by Adolf Hitler’s unwitting lover, setting off a violent chase through Germany and France.

To The Lions – Book 2
In Spain, Gage allows himself to be imprisoned to protect a wealthy mobster’s son. Unfortunately for Gage, the son doesn’t want his help. Mayhem ensues.

Soldier of Misfortune – Book 3
In Peru, Gage goes undercover with a group of former special operations soldiers who steal drugs from the cartels and sell them at extreme profit. But how long will Gage tolerate the group’s reckless violence?

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Category: Thrillers – Espionage