Gamblers Fools and Fate On The Road To Key West

by Michael Reisig

Once again, The Hole In The Coral Wall Gang is up to their eyeballs in wild misadventure and incredible circumstance.
The hundred-year-old Coiba Penal Colony off the coast of Panama is an island swarming with convicts, inside and outside the prison walls, and yet, by the strangest of fates, this extraordinary tropical isle possesses an ancient, incredibly valuable secret that could change the world.
Kansas and Will along with their team, find themselves challenging this strange island while trying to dodge wild desperadatos, prison soldiers, and a crazed island commandant.
If that weren’t enough, there’s the South Florida mafia, who also want what the team has discovered.
Startling! Clever! And very funny in places.
(While part of “The Road to Key West” series, this book is a great “Stand Alone Read” and a great introduction to the series!)

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Category: Suspense