Geneva Intrusion

by Richard D. Taylor

Kate Adler led a quiet life as a computer analyst, never expecting someone would want to kill her, and the assassin never expected Kate’s own brand of justice.
Kate works as a cyber-security analyst at an NSA field office in Munich. Kate inherits her father’s successful companies, and to her surprise, the Cartel, a secret organization he founded. One day, Kate decrypts an encoded message exposing Iran’s secret plans to start a war. She narrowly escapes an assassination attempt by an Iranian hit team.
While running for her life with the help of Brad Danner, a potential love interest, she becomes the hunter using the Cartel’s special forces, surveillance capability, and the group’s unique methods. In a suspense-filled journey of espionage, and danger, Kate’s confidence grows as she attempts to stop a war while pursuing those who tried to kill her. You’ll love this story.

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Category: Mystery – International Mystery & Crime

Primary Protocol

by Richard D. Taylor

The French ambassador to Mali contacts the Cartel revealing a Paris terrorist attack. Will Kate Adler and the Cartel discover who is behind the plot in time to prevent the needless deaths and the threat to her life?
KATE ADLER is director of the secretive Cartel and discovers a sophisticated international crime organization intent on attacking 70,000 people in the French National Stadium. Working closely with Brad Danner, a complicated romantic interest, they race to uncover the plot and stop the unimaginable. It’s an action-packed, fast-paced European ride in a race against time. Get ready for a page-turning mystery suspense thriller with spies, espionage, constant surprises, and a conclusion that is anything but obvious.

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