Geneva Intrusion

by Richard D. Taylor

Kate Adler led a quiet life as a computer analyst, never expecting someone would want to kill her.
One day Kate decrypts an encoded message exposing Iran’s secret plans to start a war by triggering a global market crash. She escapes an assassination attempt by an Iranian hit team with the help of Brad Danner, an ongoing romantic interest.
While running for her life with Brad, Kate learns she’s head of the Cartel, a secret organization founded by her late father. Armed with the Cartel’s special forces capability and the unique Geneva 9 supercomputer, Kate becomes the hunter. In a suspense-filled journey, Kate’s confidence grows as she pursues those who tried to kill her while convinced true love is not a fantasy.
If you like action thrillers like L.T. Ryan’s or Jack Noble’s you will find Kate Adler’s style of confronting injustice a rewarding read.
The first in a series of four books.

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Category: Mystery – International Mystery & Crime


by Richard D. Taylor

Kate Adler and the Cartel receive a call from the French Ambassador to Mali to stop a terrorist attack on an unknown target in France. The French authorities have no factual information to act upon, leaving Kate and the Cartel team as the only remaining option. Armed with information from Geneva9, the Cartel’s one-of-a-kind surveillance computer, they work to uncover the plot to kill 70,000 innocent people in the French National stadium. During the hunt, the Geneva 9 computer inexplicably generates instructions to ensure Kate’s safety. The mysterious instructions regarding Kate’s protection, and the information leading to the terrorists, emanate from a secret program called: PRIMARY PROTOCOL.
If you like international thrillers like L.T. Ryan’s Jack Noble or Vince Fynn’s Mitch Rapp you will find Kate Adler’s style at engaging injustice a rewarding read.

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