Genius Club

by NJ Barker

Professor Matthew Stanford is better with numbers than people. First finding acceptance when he was invited into a private club for gifted teens, the now thirty-something prodigy still stays in close contact with the other participants. But when he walks in to see his wife dead on the floor with an empty syringe nearby, the awkward man finds it difficult to convince anyone she didn’t take her own life.

Shocked to realize their patron may have used them as guinea pigs, Matthew unearths a string of chilling revelations. And as he pours through unsettling reports and studies, the reserved researcher fears he’s only seen the start of a hidden foe’s twisted maneuvering. Is he smart enough to survive this deadly game of cat-and-mouse?

A dark psychological thriller with echoes of The Maidens and Never Let Me Go. Click here to join: Genius Club

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological