Ghost Of A Girl

by Theo Cage and Toivi Smith

She’s the only American citizen in U.S. history officially listed as missing despite her whereabouts being known.

Our heroine’s discovered lying under a heap of garbage behind a fast food restaurant in Phoenix: naked, suffering serious head trauma, her body covered in dozens of Yellow Jacket stings. When she wakes up from a lengthy coma, she discovers she has no memory of her past life. Doctors call her condition dissociative amnesia. They hold out little hope. The FBI can’t identify her from fingerprint or facial recognition software; the local police have no leads or clues. And no one comes forward to identify her. She’s a non-entity. A ghost.

But if she’s a nobody, then why are there so many strangers threatening her life—anxious to finish the job somebody had started and bungled years before.

Jane Doe soon discovers the most powerful mob in America is tracking her day and night, as well as an FBI Special Agent who won’t abandon her case despite being fired for insubordination. A mysterious organization made up of criminals and terrorists are threatening hundreds of lives if she fails to reveal a secret only she has knowledge of . . . but can’t possibly remember.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime