Girl, Abandoned

by Peter R Stone

When Amber Faulkner sets out to honour her dying mother’s last request to be reunited with her birth mother—the universally reviled politician Joan Simmons—she has no idea of the anguish and pain that await her.
What dark secrets are behind the reason her birth mother abandoned her when she was only two months old when she kept and raised her twin sister?
Why is her mother standing by her principles and leading a small breakaway group of senators to side with the opposition to block legislation that would put two thousand plus repeat violent offenders behind bars, when the city is caught in the grip of an unprecedented crime wave?
Why is a nameless vigilante carrying out a campaign of terror against Joan Simmons and her family. Can Liam Fielder, the young man who is infatuated with Amber, live up to his word that he can protect her when she is caught in the crossfire?

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Category: Suspense